Welcome to The Campbell Building in downtown Warrenton, Texas

If you think shopping for antiques should be fun, then don’t miss Warrenton’s cream and red facade Campbell Building. We are located in the “hub” of the show! Look for our red Adirondack chairs.

Our Spring Show dates are Saturday, March 19th through Saturday, April 2nd, 2022.

We are OPEN from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm DAILY.  We look forward to seeing old and new friends!



Robin Lindberg’s Crown Jewel showcases are glistening with fabulous antique and estate pieces…to die for!  Jen n I; Victorian to American Indian as well as signed costume…you got to see this booth!  Talented Diane of Fragements Perfectly Flawed finds interesting vintage pieces to re-purpose into one-of-a-kind jewelry with a twist.  Eye 4 Jewels finds the uniquely fun and funky vintage costume and estate jewelry to delight people of all ages.


Talented Angela of Murphy’s Vintage can make the ho-hum into the “I’m done”. Browse her furniture and other finds in the Campbell Alley.   How can you look at a window screen, door or window and turn it into a work of art? Caecelia with Hansen & Co. can.  Find her in the Alley along with another creatively gifted artisan, Rory Motl who designs each of her jean jackets, vests and ponchos with loving care.  On the driveway side of the Campbell Building check out Miss B. Havin’s twist on rodeo vintage with edgy T-shirts and vintage finds.  At Winnie’s Petticoats to Pearl Snaps you might find anything from frames to frills, books to boots, vintage decor and more. Always brimming with one of a kind, must-haves! Out on the porch, Fitzgerald’s Antiques…from industrial finds to zinc creations….then add in a feminine splash! Treasures from Past and Present brings an amazing array of hand painted porcelain, glassware, and more – all vintage and collectible.


Hayley, aka: Tornado in a Mayonnaise Jar! Never know from show to show what this child will be showcasing, but must say, it always attracts a crowd and shoppers love her style & look! Diane is a Fragment of a person, but her pint size build has a brain that is storming. How one person can dream up the pieces she makes from Fragments Perfectly Flawed, one will never understand, but all will buy. With a fine eye toward what is trendy and new, Winstonian Way brings fine finds to enhance your home and instill a sense of pride. To round out your Campbell Building experience, stop by Big Daddy’s out front for the best cupcakes, ding-dongs and cool drinks to revitalize you for a fantastic day of antique shopping.

“We are serious about antiques”

“We have a lot of very knowledgeable, professional dealers here,” said Robin Lindberg, owner of Crown Jewels. “But we like to have fun too.” “We have the finest in estate jewelry, costume jewelry, hand painted furniture, linens & lace,  chic clothing & accessories, antiques, Bakelite, furniture, chandeliers & lighting, quilts, decorator items, garden furniture, shabby chic and more than you can imagine in the way of unique finds.”

Also, would like to suggest anyone wanting into our cute, quaint and very busy building, come by the building during the show and talk with Dewey Fitzgerald, building manager, to get on our waiting list. We never know when an opportunity will come up. This is the “happening building” in town.

These are not booths

They are shops….set up twice a year for you to enjoy. Each show you will see new merchandise as our vendors will close up shop here and hit the road looking for finds for the next time we see you.

Awesome Stuff!

The best selection of estate jewelry, costume jewelry, hand painted furniture, linens & lace, chic clothing & accessories, antiques, Bakelite, furniture, chandeliers & lighting, quilts, decorator items, garden furniture, and shabby chic!