We have a lot of very knowledgeable, professional dealers here, but we like to have fun too.

Robin Lindberg’s Crown Jewels

fabulous antique & estate jewelry....buy & sell

Winnie’s Petticoats to Pearlsnaps

Grab a scarf, slip on some shoes, put a hat on top and then that glamorous 1940's dress. Shop for unique fashion statements and home decor. Go back in time and shine!

Cottage Gatherings

chippy/peely & decorator pieces. Clothing & funky finds; one of a kind.

Fitzgerald’s Small Antiques and Other Eclectic Finds

industrial finds, shabby chic and fine antiques.

Beth Brown Jewelry

From plastic to platinum and everything in between, Beth Brown Jewelry brings the best of antique and vintage estate jewelry to Warrenton Texas.

Charming Restorations, Painted Furniture & Home Decor

Talented Angela can make the ho-hum into the “I’m done“. Everyone loves her work, her flair and her eye for detail. Browse her finished & re-purposed furniture, project pieces and other finds in the Campbell Alley.

Lot 26, Anita Kerr Furniture Artisan

Color splash! Fine tuned furniture re-tuned to add life to a room. Anita has a style like no other. Take it, strip it, paint it, topcoat it and add it to any room. Pop! You have all the drama your house can handle. Antique, mid century to modern.....

Fragments Perfectly Flawed, Tweakages & Oddments

On the side of the Campbell Building find an enchanting bit of artistry where a piece of this and a hint of that make the most beautiful vignettes.  Diane designs and creates these bits and baubles into one of a kind pieces to delight and amuse.

Eye 4 Jewels

Robin sure has an eye for collecting. From lockets to line bracelets, perfume bottles to pretty pins, she scours the Illinois back-roads to bring you the best in vintage costume and estate jewelry plus everything to make your vanity beautiful. Stop in and scour her booth. Always a treasure to be found.

Big Johnson’s

Beer, wine, fresh squeezed lemonade, cupcakes & darn good ding dongs!  Stop by for a little bit of heaven near the Campbell Alley entrance, then enjoy a rest on our bright red chairs out front.

Farmhouse Hailing from Frederiksberg

Debbie brings the Hill Country charm to her bountiful booth. Vintage ride on toys, decorative mantles, mirrors and baskets of Hill Country finds

Hansen & Co

From farm to field, this gal picks the perfect prize every time. Hand painted screens to primitive painted pieces. How can you look at a screen and turn it into a work of art? Or a piece of vintage Pyrex and find all the components? Caecelia can. Another Campbell Alley treasure hunting spot. Stop in and get your kitchy on!

Attic Sister

A former tearoom owner, Attic Sister searches high and low to find the best for your tea table from trays to tablecloths, from teacups to teapots.  Find Attic Sister in the Campbell Building Alley

Jen-n-I Vintage Jewels

Jewelry from Victorian to vintage, Jen-n-I Jewelry hunts out the finest in Southwestern silver jewelry, vintage costume jewelry and fine estate jewelry brought to you all the way from Iowa.

Takona Soapery

Can’t take the country out of the girl but can keep her skin looking like peaches and cream. How? Use Takona soaps and skin care. All natural, handmade and ready to clean and clear your skin. This gal knows her product, developed it, tried it and is hooked like so many are today. Stop in for a smell test! Find them in the Campbell Alley